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ELLETTSVILLE F. & A. M. #245                                                                                                 

North Sales Street                                                                                                                           Robert Hoene Jr., WM

Ellettsville, Indiana  47429


Brethren and Visitors,


It is my honor to welcome you on behalf of Ellettsville Lodge #245 to our Masonic website. We hope you find it informative as

well as intriguing and inspiring. We, as a fraternity of many brothers, come together and accomplish more than anyone can

imagine. One of my favorite examples of paying it forward came a little over a year ago. A small group of brothers came 

together to help assist a widow of a departed brother. We spent a few short hours cleaning up a property. It was more fun  

than work. She donated $100 to us to pay for our dinner. We heard about a church that was donating groceries to

hundreds of families in need during Thanksgiving, so we donated the $100 to that church to help in their efforts.

How much joy that brought to those families and just how much paying it forward had done!

Our beautiful historic building has been completed in these last few years and the astounding statues of the St. Johns being

set in their final resting places. We have fixed some “odds and ends” items and our security system is up and running.

We have a few more things to get done. Spot lights need to be placed and focused on the St Johns’ statues and our flag.

We also plan to do a major lodge cleaning from the carpets to the ceilings.

This year is going to be packed full of excitement and events. We have our annual golf outing coming up. It is one

of our most important fundraising events of the year. We also have the privilege of assisting Roger and Debbie McNeal in         

the Sugar Shack. We will have our 2nd annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family. Another event is Santa on  

Main Street where we help the OES with cooking and serving breakfast to our community. Every first Tuesday of each month

there will be having a birthday party for all of our members who were born in that month.

We are hoping to start the executive committee program so we can come together stronger as brothers. We also want to

brainstorm and come up with new ideas for activities and events that we can schedule for the next 5 years or so.

I've always heard many hands make light work. As master of the lodge this year, I ask all who are willing and able to please

come forward and help! I want to get in touch with everyone who is a member or a part of our fraternity and get your ideas.

I ask for everyone to call me. I would love to get to know each of you. Come down to the lodge and have dinner with us.

My Phone number is (812) 606-2630 and my email is We will keep you informed on all our events

this year as they come up! So please stay tuned and always look further towards the light.




WM, Robert “Tiny” Hoene Jr.

January 1, 2017